September 2017

3rd Grade Rounding Rap

Emily Blaisdell

Students in Miss Blaisdell's class have been working hard to master rounding. Some of us have also been practicing our rapping skills. We wanted to share our Rounding Rap that helps us remember the steps for rounding. Watch the videos by clicking on read more.

1st Grade Learns About Community Helpers


Our first grade classes are learning about different people who help us in our community.  They have learned about Rescuers (police, firemen, EMTs, etc.) on Tuesday.  On Wednesday they learned about Artists and Athletes.  Today they are learning about helath professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, EMTs etc.).  To finish out the week they will learn about Farmers, Construction workers, and Rachers on Friday.  A special Thank You to all of our community helpers that have come in to talk to our 1st graders this week.

Mrs. Jensen's 2nd Grade Butterly


Mrs. Jensen's 2nd Grade class has been taking care of a caterpillar that was brought in by one of her students.  They kept the caterpillar in the class and fed it, then they watched it change to a chrysalis, and during lunch today it hatched into a beautiful butterfly.  After lunch the class took it outside together, and placed it on a tree to watch for it to fly away.  Thanks Mrs. Jensen for helping your class experience this fun cycle together!!

4th Grade Science

Mrs. Wilson

Fourth graders were practicing observing, predicting, measuring, classifying, etc for their science test.  It was probably the most fun and easiest test of the whole year!

5th Graders Help families in Houston

Mr. Groneman

Friday the 5th grade had the opportunity to help the people of Houston.  Evan Call is one of my students(Mr. Groneman) and his dad reached out to me on very short notice (Thurs), and was going down to Houston to take supplies to shelters and children and asked for help.  Our 5th grade answered the call and brought a ton of items to help.  Here are a few pictures of Evan and his family helping in Houston.  His dad said they had over 15 suitcases of items to donate.  Way to go Evan and Mapleton 5th Grade!!