Gratitude Week


This week is our GRATITUDE week sponsored by our student council. We are asking for donations that could help other children and families in need this Christmas and anything donated is greatly appreciated. The schedule is as follows (but items can be brought in any day during the week): Monday - new gloves, hats, and socks; Tuesday - canned food; Wednesday: gently used clothing; Thursday: hygiene products; and Friday: new toys, games or stuffed animals. 

Mrs. Hansen's 6th Grade Class Dissected Owl Pellets

Rachel Hansen and Joriel Howcroft

Today Mrs. Hansen 6th Grade class dissected owl pellets. Owl pellets were donated by Patti Richards with Great Basin Wildlife Rescue.

Mrs. Howcroft brought owl pellets for us to dissect today. Most of us had no idea that owls eat their food whole and then regurgitate the bones and fur of whatever they ate. We used a bone guide to try and determine the meal the owl had eaten. It was fun and very interesting. 

Wax Museum

Mr. Groneman, Mrs. Bradford and Mrs. Hutchins

5th grade classes do a  wax museum each year. Students select a deceased person in history that made some kind of influence in America. Students do research, reports, and a put together a small paragraph they memorized to present to parents and classmates. They also dressed up and spent time with props and posters. What an amazing job they did. Such hard work and dedication. Thank you to all involved to help make this happen.

Mapleton honors local Veteran's


Friday was an extra special day at Mapleton Elementary! Five local Veterans visited each grade level where students showed their gratitude through hundreds of cards written, posters made, poems and songs performed, and even salutes and many rounds of applause. It was a humbling experience as these men briefly shared their stories of service and received the warm "welcomes" and "thank yous" from Mapleton students. Even as the Veteran's were leaving and waved goodbye to those in the lunchroom, students stood, cheered and clapped showing their respect and appreciation.

Choosing to be Kind - October Students of the Week

Kristin Northcutt

Our theme this year is "Choose to make a Difference," and this term we are focusing on "choosing to be kind." Each week during this month our teachers have picked out a student in their class that they see showing kindness here at school.  Make sure to look at all three pictures for the month of October, showing all of our students of the week showing kindness.