3rd Grade Bean Museum


3rd Grade was able to take a field trip to The Bean Museum on Brigham Young University Campus.  They seen life-like exhibits and an extensive collection of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, plants, shells, and eggs.  It was a great time!!!


Happy ESP Day!


Today is Education Support Professionals Day and we want to thank all those who work behind the scenes to make school such a wonderful place to be - from the secretaries, nurse, custodians, and lunch crew, to the technicians, bus drivers, and crossing guards! In fact, our crossing guards, Mandy Rees and Rosie Golding were honored by the PTA as "Heroes Among Us" at our recent Reflections awards night and they are so deserving of that recognition. We so appreciate all of our support professionals!

Veterans' Day Flag Retiring


For our Veterans' Day program, we invited four Veterans who are either dads or grandpas of Mapleton students to help us retire our school flag that was torn and faded. Thank you to to the Davis, Brandt, Johnston and Boren families. Several students spoke about the flag and what it symbolizes for our nation, and then our honored guests carefully retired the flag as students respectfully watched. It was a very special tribute not only to our flag, but also to the Veterans who have served our nation so courageously. We appreciate them!

Election Day for Miss Fosters class

For Election Day this year our class got into groups and wrote a proposition for a ballot. Some of the laws were the same so we made some of them the same law. We had a voting booth that Miss Foster made. We went in one at a time to vote on a Chromebook. Every person voted on each proposition and we got an I voted sticker. Later, Miss Foster showed us the results and all 4 turned into a law for our class for the month of November. It was really fun and we can’t wait to vote in a real election. 

Written and edited by: Olivia, Sophia, and Ryan

~ Mrs. Coates ~


Mrs. Coates is a new to our school and is a literacy coach.   Mrs. Coates' favorite childrens book is The Secret Garden. Her favorite vacation was Seattle, and Alaska. Mrs. Coates dream vacation is Tahiti. Her hobbies are gardening, pickleball, reading, quilting and exercising. Mrs. Coates has 4 children and six grandchildren. Mrs. Coates loves working at Mapleton Elementary because she loves working with kids and teachers, especially with literacy!!   We are so happy we get talented people like her.

~Mrs. Argyle~


Mrs. Argyle is our new P.E teacher. Her favorite childrens book is "Go Dog Go. " Her favorite vacation is Disneyland, and her favorite dream vacation is Tahiti.  Her favorite things to do are watch movies, play games,  and sports. She has 2 boys and her husband that she loves to spend time with. The reason she loves working at Mapleton Elementary is because of all the amazing kids we have here at the school. 

We LOVE having her here with us!!