October 2016

Thanksgiving Point Visits Third Grade

Emily Blaisdell

The third grade students had an amazing opportunity provided by Thanksgiving Point.  Students were able to observe and discuss the life cycle of a mealworm.  Each class created a classroom terrarium.  Every student was able to dissect a tulip bulb and learn all about tulips.  Then, each third grade student was able to plant his or her very own tulip bulb at our new tulip test garden.  We are excited to be a participating school in the Tulips Journey North Program.  We are looking forward to tracking the progress of our tulips in our role as citizen scientists and we are especially excited t

Kindergarten Field Trip

Mrs. Barth

The kindergarten students went on a field trip to Bicentennial Park in Provo. They spent time observing and enjoying the wetland plants and animals. Some of their favorite activities were hiking, bird watching, and catching tadpoles.

Choosing to be Kind - September Students of the Month

Our theme this year is "Choose to make a Difference," and this term we are focusing on "choosing to be kind." Each week during this month our teachers have picked out a student in their class that they see showing kindness here at school.  Make sure to look at all four pictures for the month of September, showing all of our students of the week showing kindness. 

Wonderful Readers

Photo by Mrs. Hansen

We have many wonderful readers here at Mapleton Elementary.  In the month of September, our winners for the classes with the most minutes read are Mrs. Hansen's 6th grade class, and Ms. Blaisdell's 3rd grade class.  Congratulations to both classes!  Keep on reading!   Scroll to see pictures of both classes.

*Remember to help your students record their minutes read each week