May 2016

Field Day

Julie Peery

The whole school enjoyed field day at the park as a reward for their good behavior throughout the school year.  Even though the weather wasn't the best for a day filled with fun and water, the students didn't let this stop them from having fun with their peers.  They enjoyed all of the activities that were planned by our PTA.  A special thank you to all of our PTA volunteers that helped to make our field day a success, and for our Mapleton fire department that came and brought a fire truck to help add a little extra water fun to our day.

2nd Grade Program

Julie Peery

The 2nd Grade students performed this week for the  school and for their parents.  They sang songs celebrating school and holidays throughout the year.

1st Grade Bug Display

1st Grade had the opportunity from a grant from the Utah Arts Countil to have an Artist in Residence, Sheri Gibb spend a few weeks with the students learning about grouping and classifying animals and insects.  The students chose an insect to learn more about and then had the opportunity to learn to make their insect with ceramic clay.  After their insect was fired, the students had the opportunity to paint and name their creation.

Faculty Spotlight / Melinda Stickney


Mrs. Stickney is a special education technician at Mapleton Elementary.  She enjoys sewing, doing crafts and scrapbooking, and reading.  Her favorite children's book is "Stephanie's Ponytail" by Robert Munsch.  She has four children that are married, and she has two grandchildren.  Her favorite vacation was to Disneyland, and she would love to travel to Europe.  She enjoys working at the school because of the kids she works with.  They are fun and make her laugh.

5th grade recreates Washington D.C.


Many of the 5th graders participated in creating a replica of Washington D.C. and the national monuments there. They researched their historical monument or building and used their own creativity to make their model. They also gave information to visitors and created a brochure with more details. 

Faculty Spotlight / Karlee Gull

Rachel Groberg

Mrs. Gull is a 2nd grade teacher at Mapleton elementary.  She enjoys snowboarding, dancing, and cooking.  Her favorite children's book is anything by Patricia Polacco. She and her husband Tanner have a baby girl named Mallie.  Mrs. Gull has a twin Sister.  Her favorite vacation was to Lake Powell and she would love to travel to Hawaii.  She enjoys working at the school because of the wonderful students, and the faculty is amazing too!

Faculty Spotlight / Courtney Curtis

Isaac Northcutt

Mr. Curtis is a 3rd Grade teacher at Mapleton Elementary.  He enjoys drawing, singing, doing yard work, and computers.  His favorite children's book is "Box Car Children" by Gertrude Chandler Warner.  He was raised in a family of six, with one older brother and two younger sisters.  His favorite vacation was to Washington D.C. and New York City, and he would love to go on a cruise around the world.  He enjoys working at the school with all of the staff and teachers, the great kids and parents too!

Orchestra Assembly

Our 6th graders that participated in Orchestra this year, directed by Jessica Knight, performed at an assembly for the whole school on Friday, May 13.  They have all worked so hard this year, and did a wonderful job performing for the school.  We are thankful for Mrs. Knight in sharing her talent each year with out students.

Faculty Spotlight / Shannon Bennett

Mrs. Bennett is a counselor at Mapleton Elementary.  She enjoys running, going on vacation, organizing and spending time with her 4 kids.  Her favorite children's book is "Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst.  She and her husband have four children ages six to twelve.  Her favorite vacation was to Disneyland, and she would love to travel to Paris.  She enjoys working at the school because she loves to see the best in students, and to work with wonderful people.