October 2015

Late Night at the Library

Jana Davis & Kim Heaps

Students from Mapleton Elementary that read 280 minutes during our Read-a-thon week, were invited to a late night at the library.  Our PTA made it well worth their reading effort!  We had a magician, a story teller, and a juggler that entertained everyone, a reptile guy that brought many fun reptiles, including a very long yellow snake that took 4 teachers/PTA to hold.  We are so happy with all of the reading that the students did during the week!  Keep it up!

Read-a-thon Challenge


What does a principal do if together the students read over 100,000 minutes in one week? Why KISS A PIG of course! That's what happened today to open the Red Ribbon Week assembly. Mrs. Peery donned fresh lipstick and puckered up. Luckily the pig was cute and friendly!