October 2014

Halloween at Mapleton Elementary

We started Halloween day off at Mapleton Elementary with a parade through and around the school.  We had many parents in attendance to see all of the fun and creative costumes worn by faculty and students.  Here are many pictures of the faculty and students in their costumes.


Student of the Week/Respect


This year at Mapleton Elementary we will be spotlighting a Student of the Week from each classroom. These students receive a certificate and prize from Mrs. Peery with the chance to be drawn out at the end of each month for "Pizza with the Principal." The focus for the month of October is "respect." The students are selected based upon the respect they show to their teachers, peers and faculty at the school. Here are the Students of the Week. 

Dancing Across Utah

Carol Day

Dancing Across Utah
60 people of all ages gathered to dance at Mapleton Elementary.  Polynesian dances were taught by the Keliiliki Family.  Native American shawl and hoop dances were taught by Brenda Beyal and Eva and Jasin Keams.  Janet Lewis taught creative dances and a Brazilian folk dance .  Nebo school district collaborated with Utah Education Network to broadcast the Mapleton event to the University of Utah Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Education building.   This evening of dance was also sponsored by the Utah Division Of Arts and theNational Endowment for the Arts.



All of the students at Mapleton Elementary received a pumpkin from Harward Farms on Wednesday, October 15.  Each class will use these pumpkins to do a learning activity here at school.  A big Thank You to Harward Farms to donating a pumpkin to each student!!!

First Grade Teddy Bear Picnic

Pictures by Kristin Northcutt

The First Graders had a Teddy Bear picnic at Mapleton park on Wednesday, October 15.  This is a fun activity that the first graders do every year after finishing their unit of study on communities.  

Johnny Appleseed

Picture taken by Katie Barth

Carol Day taught all of the 2nd grade about Johnny Appleseed.  She dressed up and wore a tin hat as she taught them about John Chapman, often called Johnny Appleseed.


Pizza With The Principal

During the month of September we spotlighed a Student of the Week from each classroom.  These students received a certificate and prize from Mrs. Peery and their name was put in a drawing for a chance to have "Pizza with the Principal."  Twelve names were drawn out to have "Pizza with the Principal" on Tuesday, October 14.  The focus for the month of September was friendship.  

Pictured here are the lucky winners  of "Pizza with the Principal":

Tia Jenkins, Ali Smith, Lisiate Valeti, Morgan Pratt, Trent Willson, and Daniel Keliliki.

Fire Drill Practice


The students at Mapleton Elementary had a practice fire drill on Monday, October 13 after the firemen came and taught each class about fire safety.  The students quickly followed the procedure of the school when the fire alarm went off.  They followed their assigned route to the back of the school and lined up.  All teachers made sure that each student was accounted for, and then they were able to come back in the school to keep learning.  We have several drills each year to help the students to be prepared in case of an emergency.