"Wonderful Writers"

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Teachers have chosen the following students to receive and award for being  " Wonderful writers" . We are pleased that these students have been "Doing Their Best" as writers. They work consistently each day to become better writers as well as enjoy the writing process. Keep up the good work everyone!  It has been a great year. Best wishes to the following students and their parents:

Row 1 seated: from left to right: Camdyn Marker, Bronson Frye, Olivia Aanerud and Lauren Spilker.
Row 2 : Jake Holmes, Mauri Ashman, Megan Jewett and Skylar Denison.
Row 3: Charlee Larsen, Victoria Rimington, Alisa Faust, Chloe Watson and Tyson Williamson.
Row 4: Standing: Keston LeRoy, Tad Eriksson, Dylan Hansen, Daniel Whyte, Riley Hilton, Josh Westercamp, Kevin Kolomalu and Dalyn Call.

Ginnie Snyder