Teacher Licensing

The State of Utah certifies and qualifies teachers in three licensing areas:

  1.  Professional license – A Professionally licensed teacher has met all state requirements to teach in their assigned   area.
  2.  Associates license – A teacher is enrolled in a University program and is actively working towards Professional   license, for example: an intern teacher, a student teacher etc.
  3.  Local Education Agency Specific (LEA Specific License) – A teacher has demonstrated competence and   expertise in a current area of assignment or is a Professionally licensed teacher working towards an   endorsement in an area of current assignment. These licenses are issued for 1, 2 or 3 years and are issued   according to District policy.
School Teacher Count Professional License Count % Associate License Count % LEA License Count %
 Mapleton Elementary 30  27 90  3  10  0  0
Updated 8/12/2021