April 2023

Reading Goals Met!!

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These fantastic kids met their reading goal and got to ring our bell for the school to hear. They have worked hard, encouraged their peers, and made it to the finish line. 

Keep up the good work! 

Keyboarding Competition Winners

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We held our District Keyboarding Competition on April 18th.   2 of the winners were from our very own School .

April Christiansen took 2nd Place for 5th Grade at our school, and overall in the District 

Lucas Panhorst Top 4th Grader from our School! 

CONGRATUATIONS KIDS!! Way to go in doing awesom things. 


Mrs. Ivins ~ Escape Rooms

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Mrs. Ivins class divided into teams and made individual escape rooms for the staff to figure out . They all did great, and were SO incredibly creative. It made all our minds work in ways they hadn't for awhile.   After figuring out the code to open the Lock Box, it was a race to see who could open it the quickest.  All these cute kiddos will be presenting at the District Board Meeting all these creative ideas. All you parents have amazingly smart kids. So proud to have them here at Mapleton Elementary.