"Radical Readers"

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Here at Mapleton Elementary we strive to help our students become great readers. We
are especially happy when we find them becoming "Radical Readers"! Congratulations
to all  these students for their continual quest for excellence. We appreciate them
for being good examples to their peers.

Pictured here from left to right:
Row 1 Seated: Mason Breinholt, Nanirose Malzl, David Jackson, Sophie Skinner,
Brighton Fonunema and Kalie Jensen.
Row 2: Spencer Taylor, Ellie Rymer, Hunter Watson, Madison Marker, Collin Bullock,
Benny West and Gracie Miller.
Row 3: Ellie Savage, Rebecca Whyte, Jacob Nelson, Jack Nemelka, Brielle Robertson 
Brooke Griffiths, Amanda Larsen.
Row 4 Standing: Ethan Compass, Jackson Rich, James Brophy, Morgan Allen,
Sam Wiscombe, Kilee Hullinger, Ellie Blackburn and Isa Fuentez.

Ginnie Snyder