Mapleton Elementary School Student Service Awards

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 Here at Mapleton Elementary we encourage students to be kind and of service to one another.  We appreciate and want to recognize those students who are showing these qualities each day . These students were selected by their friends and teachers.

Congratulations to the following students pictured here:

From left to right:  Row #1 Seated: Gage Groneman, Eislee Carlson, Kylee Comstock, Raylei Back, Olivia Aanerud and Aaralynn Faust.

Row # 2: Zach Jenkins, John Ockey, Zach Evans, Abbey Skinner and Tanner Maingot.

Row # 3 standing: Emily Westercamp, Liberty Eddy, Amy Williamson, Emma Card, Zach Bennett, Zack Nielson and Seth Krommenhoek.

Ginnie Snyder