"Doing their Best" in Math

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Students at Mapleton Elementary School started off the New Year "Doing their Best" in Math! The following students were selected by their teachers to receive this award for their accomplishments in math. Students are making progress as they apply themselves in their studies. We congratulate them and encourage them to keep giving their best effort. Good job to the following students pictured here from left to right.

Row # 1 Seated: Ethan Martinez, Rosamae Norton, Jane Standifird, Henry Allgaier, Adam Ward and Zachary Minto.

Row #2 Center: Emma Carson Joshua Larsen, Erin Felix Jasper Robinson, Jackson Card, Colton Butterfield
and Kylie Childs.

Row #3 Standing:Emerald Coffey, Truman Ball, Hailey Hassler, Kaden Eatough, Jacob Green, Joshua Green, Tennyson Whiting and Seth Krommenhoek.

Ginnie Snyder