January 2022

Motivation Monday ~ BE DECISIVE

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Any decision is better  than none at all. Even though we always hope they are the RIGHT decision, even if its the wrong one, we learn to "fail forward" Wrong decisions give us the opportunity to learn as well.  Being Decisive gives us the power to achieve our goals. 

Go Take on the WEEK!! 


Day of Caring ~ February 14th

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Our Annual Day of Caring will be here before we know it. Here is all the information you will need, if you choose to donate.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office!! 

Polar Fleece and Anti-Pill ~ Thick & Easy to Tie.

1 1/2 Yards for Babies

2 Yards for Children

Monday Motivation ~ BE BRIGHT

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Stand Up, Stand Out, and Be different. Choose to Be Positive. Be the one who leaves people feeling better than how you met them. Be the one to give a stranger a compliment. Be BRIGHT... be a happy memory for those who know you. 

Have a great Week!!