1st & 2nd Grade Celebrate 100 Days of School

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Friday marked the 100th day of School for Students at Mapleton Elementary. It was a very busy week.  Students entered the school as they traditionally have for the last 15 years, through a big 100 set up each year by our First Grade Teachers. Thanks to Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Abbott, Miss Thompson and Mrs. Snyder.  We also appreciate the help of Mr. Snyder.     The following pictures are of our students in front of the 100,  with various activities during the day!   Classes, hunted for 100 candy kisses around the room, placing them on a 100's board to insure all were found.  Mrs. Snyder's class is pictured here,  along with Dusty Marshall who found the missing # 3 which completed the hunt!  Miss Lilly Hooper found the #100 Kiss also.   Each First Grader was given a pair of 100's Day glasses to wear throughout the day. During Center time they did activities such as writing down what they loved about the day on butterflies.  They counted to one hundred, read  100 words and did 100 math problems.  Many books were shared, including, " Jake's 100th Day of School",  "One hundred day Worries",  "Twas the Night Before the 100th Day of School and of course, " "100 Hungry Ants.      Students watched as their teacher blew 100 puffs of air into a balloon!  It was one big balloon and luckily it didn't pop in the teachers face!     Second Grade Students had a fun snow day to celebrate and finished up with singing and a special movies as part of their reward activity!  It was a really Great Celebration! 

Ginnie Snyder