4th Grade Olympic Games 2018


4th grade held an Olympic Games.  Students were assigned to teams.  They chose a country to represent, made flags, and competed in events such as running, hula hoop, crab walk, wheel barrow races, jump rope, and limbo.  They then held a closing ceremony complete with gold, silver, and bronze medals and the national anthem of each country.

Vote!! Get Your Voice Heard


This is just a friendly reminder about the upcoming Voter Registration Deadline. 

October 9, 2018, is the last day for online voter registration.  If you are not already registered to vote in Utah County, you can register by going to vote.utah.gov and clicking on "Register to Vote" on the top right of the page.

Who's Who in the Community


 Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Bradfords class has been studying The Community and our Community helpers. Mrs. Carpenters class made postcards for their families and walked to the mailbox with Mrs. Bradfords class to deliver them.  What a surprise it will be when they get them in the mail!!! 

9/11 Firefighter presents to 3rd grade


Captain Brent Darger, a search and rescue firefighter for Task Force One during 9/11 (Miss Judd's uncle), came to speak to the 3rd grade last week. He spoke about his experiences as he joined shoulder to shoulder to search for survivors, recover the deceased, and rebuild the devastation at Ground Zero. His message emphasized that although times of tragedy are heartbreaking and sorrowful, they bring the nation greater unity and strength in the end. We are grateful for the service and sacrifice Captain Darger offered in the frightening days following the attack. He is a true hero.