December 2018

~ Happy Holidays!! ~


We hope you all have a safe and fantastic Holiday break. We will see you all Next Year!! 

School will be out at 12:00 on Friday. It will resume on Jan. 2, 2019

Miss Fosters Class does construction


Miss Foster’s class built dog houses with the help of BYU construction management students. Colton Williams taught the class about the structure of building houses.We learned how to build houses out of popsicle sticks. We also learned the names for things for the house like jousts, headers and sub floors. 
Today our class made dog houses out of wood in pieces that were already made. We drilled the pieces together and attached shingles to the roof. There were some harder parts to drill or staple, but it was really fun. 

~ Mrs. Emery ~


Mrs. Emery is a kind and enthusiastic teacher here at Mapleton Elementary. Her favorite kids book is Harry Potter and her favorite vacation is Lake Powell. Her dream vacation is New Zealand. Even though she's never been there.