December 2017

Mapleton/HobbleCreek Orchestras perform

Students at Mapleton and HobbleCreek who participate in the orchestra program joined forces for a holiday concert last night. There were group numbers, duets and solos. They have practiced 2-3 times a week before school for three months now and have learned so much already. We appreciate the talented teacher, Jessica Knight. 

6th grade STEM


Our 6th graders have been doing hands-on STEM activities as part of planning time working with Mrs. Kox and Mrs. Roberts (in conjunction with BYU college of engineering students). Here they are exploring air waves and movement using balloon rockets. 

Third Grade Tulips


Each third grade student was able to plant his or her very own tulip bulb at our new tulip test garden located in the front of our school.  We are excited to be a school participating in the Tulips Journey North Program.  We are looking forward to tracking the progress of our tulips in our role as citizen scientists and we are especially excited to see our tulips bloom in the spring!