White Ribbon Week Prize Winners

Submitted by stacey.holmes on

Thanks to our Wonderful Mapleton PTA   for hosting a great "White Ribbon:" , internet awareness week.  Students were kept busy all week earning tickets for prizes.  On Monday they dressed up with hoodies, to remember to cover their heads when using the internet.  Tuesday they dressed as another person to remind them people aren't always who they appear to be on the internet,  Wednesday they wore their shirts inside out, Thursday was wear a tie day and Friday was wear as much white as possible.     Students earned tickets for doing many important things, such as talking to their parents about internet safety, having a filter on their computer and several others things.  They also earned tickets from their teachers for good behavior and completing assignments.  Student put their tickets into a drawing sack with pictures of the prize they hoped to win.  Pictured here are the prize winners, including Teachers and faculty who's names were drawn out for prizes, for also participating in the activities.    Thursday evening the PTA hosted an internet awareness night with great speakers who helped parents learn about the good and concerns with internet use.  Students who came went in a different room to participate in an awareness class just for them!    Thanks for a great "White Ribbon" Celebration!  Great job and thanks to all who helped especially our wonderful PTA!

Ginnie Snyder