A very Busy Week

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 It was a very busy week at Mapleton Elementary School! Parents, teachers and students were delighted to be able to Celebrate Halloween in full costume.  Students enjoyed learning activities centered around the holiday along with a school wide parade! Students paraded through the school to the "Monster Mash" and a medely of other Halloween songs. Parents lined the Hallways and enjoyed the fun. The biggest surprise of all was our Principal, Celeste Gledhill, Facilitator,Darlene Christensen and office staff, Anita Stewart and Teresa Simkins,all dressed as Hippies. Some were not recognized by their peers.  Other grade levels either dressed up individually or had themes.   To name a few, First Grade teachers were witches, Second Grade teachers were Lego's and Third Grade teachers  arrived as medical staff.   Mr. Ryan Kay made a DVD of the parade which was shown in the hall on Tuesday.

  In the afternoon our wonderful room mothers helped with classroom parties. The students were very well behaved and the entire day turned out to be delightful!  Thanks to you parents and everyone else who helped make this a great day at our school!


Ginnie Snyder and Grade Level Teams