PTA Service Award Given to Norma McConnell

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 Teachers appreciate the dedication and kindness Norma gives each day to her work. Norma takes the time to talk to the students about taking care of the restrooms and the class rooms. She started a program of rewarding students for helping in the classroom, by personally making wonderful Calendar charts with decorative stickers which she posts on the front white board. Each day she puts a sticker on the chart if students have picked up pencils and paper and cleaned up. Then at the end of each month she leaves the students a small treat to show her appreciation to them for their help. She does this out of her own pocket. She thanks them in the halls for helping and goes out of her way to catch them doing good things. Norma also lets them know if they need to step up and improve. Then she compliments them when they make improvements.

   As teachers we know she always goes the extra mile to keep things nice in our rooms, from the sink, to the desks, removing spots on the carpet when accidents happen , then cleaning our white boards and the windows to make them sparkle.    We as teachers are pleased to see her receive this honor. It is well deserved and we also want to thank her for all she does to make our jobs easier!  Congratulations Norma we couldn't do it without you!


Ginnie Snyder