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Warmest Congratulations to Mapleton Elementary School's Teacher of the Year, Emily Blaisdell.  Emily has put in a special effort in several areas here at Mapleton.  We appreciate the time and effort she gives to our technology, mentoring as well as her grade level team.  As we see Emily here at school she always wears a smile that brightens the day of students and staff alike. She was chosen by the votes of her peers, which speaks for itself!  Be sure to thank her for her efforts. While we're about thanking Emily, let's all take the opportunity to thank at least two or three other peers here in our school.  We've got a wonderful group of teachers, techs, here at Mapleton.  Shout out to Emily and everyone for all the time and effort put it to helping wonderful parents and students.     Emily has taken the time to share her philosophy of teaching with us!  Many thanks for a job well done !
Teaching PhilosophyI believe that teachers have the power to shape the future. It is my greatest desire in life to be able to make a difference in the world, by teaching one child at a time. I love children and I enjoy being surrounded by their innocence, honesty, and positive attitudes. I want to be an influence for good on every child that comes into my classroom. My ultimate goal for my students is for them to be the best they can be—student, learner, friend, and person. I want my students to leave my classroom having achieved not only their academic goals, but also their personal goals. I think knowledge is the key to future success. It is my hope that I am the kind of teacher that impacts student’s lives for the better—a teacher that not only teaches my students the required curriculum, but important lessons about how to live one’s life to the fullest. I believe that all students have the ability to learn and succeed. I will do anything and everything I can to help each child succeed. I have high expectations of my students and constantly push them to be their absolute best self. I hope that my students know how much I care about them as I create an environment of praise and encouragement to foster high achievement. I believe that as a teacher, I am successful when each child that comes through my classroom knows that I love and care about them and believe in their limitless potential.


Ginnie Snyder