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Since the beginning of the year, students here at Mapleton Elementary School have been 

diligently working on "Doing their Best'!

During the day classes show best behavior, best work practice, friendship and kindness to
classmates, go out of their way to help others enjoy being here at school.

Staff and teachers have a"Doing My Best" stamp to put on students 

hand when they have earned it. Then  they are allowed to go to the office 

and sign their name for the drawing  and receive a small reward. 

 Each month or so, there is a drawing to attend "Pizza with the Principal" . 

Approximately 40 students names  are drawn and receive a ticket to attend.  Theattached photo includes a few of the students who attended. 

Pictured here with Ms. Celeste Gledhill are the following students, From left to right; 

Ethan Davis, Zoe Mott, Hunter Watson  Loreen Kelilliki, Jackson Hulce and Tad Eriksson.

Keep up the good work everyone!
Ginnie Snyder