Discovering Mapleton History Through Dance

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Mapleton Elementary third grade students danced for and with their parents as a celebration of discovering Mapleton History through dance.  They danced the Virginia Reel, the Heel Toe Polka, Oh Johnny Oh, and creative dances.   Parents joined in the fun swinging and promenading with their student.   This art project was made possible by a grant from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and the National Endowment for the Arts.         The project will continue on Friday October 24 at Mapleton Elementary with an evening of folk dancing, Polynesian, Native American, folk and creative dances.   Families are invited to come dance together from 5-8.   At the same time dancing will occur at the Univeristy of Utah.  There will be a televised sharing at the end between the two sites.  DaCi (dance and the  Child) Utah is the sponsor.    Register  Use the discount code <mountaineers move>


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