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Kelsey Foster was awarded Horace Mann's Crystal Apple for 2014.  Craig Harvey presented the award  and Sheri Jensen wrote  the following in a tribute to Kelsey.

‘Twas a Night in Mid-August

 ‘Twas a night in Mid-August and all through the school, Not a child could be seen not even their drool.

 ‘Twas time to hang pictures and posters and charts, There was math to be planned and language arts.

 The students would come, they came every year.  There were things to be taught and things to make clear.

 She could teach them their facts, there were plenty of them              But what about science, cuz now there is STEM! 

 And what about writing, there has to be time-   From Pre-write to Edit can be quite a climb.

 Then all the testing and now there is SAGE! Student Assessment of Growth & Excellence… A gauge?

 There were times that she knew there was still more to do.   She could teach them to Polka, a dance number or two.

 And then there were children from near and from far…   That have extra needs like…shoes upon thars.

 One Day Without Shoes, she had seen on the news,  Would help her kids see just how to choose.

 They could stand up for others and show Mapleton Pride, That was it, and she knew it, she could be their guide.

 The only thing left to worry about,  Was how she could do it, while others would pout.

 When looking for teachers we looked high and low,  Her years of hard work, definitely show.

 She’s been here for years, we love her a lot!  Let’s give Kelsey a cheer, she’s the BEST that we’ve got!!!

 Crystal Apple Award

April 21, 2014



Ginnie Snyder & Sheri Jensen