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Here is a list of Reflection winners from our school at Council level. Not only did we have Excellence winners in all the categories, we had the most Excellence and Merit winners from all the schools in Springville/Mapleton. Great job!The "Excellence" winners will be moved on to be judge at the Region Level.        Excellence-Kristi Mendenhall - Music, Daniel Keliiliki - Photography, Daniel Keliiliki - Visual Arts, Jaylyn Reid - 3D Art, Nicole Cook - 3D Art, Raylene Keliiliki - Dance Choreography, Reann Bourgeous - Film Production, Emma Swenson - Literature, James Speed - Special Artist.            Merit -  Laura Hammer  - Music, Kristi Mendenhall - Photography, Seth Krommenhoek - Visual Arts, Solomon Krommenhoek - Visual Arts, Indy Woodward - 3D Art, Marc Bastian - Dance Choreography.


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