2nd Grade Students "Can Do Hard Things"

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Hat's off to our Second Grade Students and their teachers, Sheri Jensen, Christine Jones, Jeanmarie Andersen, Kelsey Foster and Karlee Hansen. They welcomed their students with the theme "We Can Do Hard Things" . Then they put them right to work and proved it!  Sheri Jensen reported on the event as follows:

"We walked from Mapleton Elementary School to Whiting Campground, which is approximately 7 miles total. It was a very warm day which made for a long, hot walk! I am happy to report that all the students and parents that left with us in the morning, came home with us in the afternoon." 

While at Whiting Campground they had lunch and then participated in four different science rotations.  Students looked for rocks, leaves, and signs of animals and textures in nature.  All Second Grade children returned knowing that they could do hard things, and on top of all that they had a great time!  The following pictures were taken by Mrs. Jensen.

Ginnie Snyder