1st Grade Field Trip

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Mapleton School First Graders took their final field trip of this year, to learn about our area Grocery store and Post Office.  Fresh Market in Spanish Fork welcomed First Grade Students, teachers and parents to a wonderful rotation teaching them all about healthy eating. Students were taught about some time foods and anytime foods.  Eating healthy is important. As they were shown the different areas of the Market they were given samples of foods good for them, such as grains, protein, fruits and veggies. Thank you to the wonderful staff at "Fresh Market" for helping students learn to eat right and gain a better understanding of business in our communities.    Next students went to the Spanish Fork Post Office where they learned about our postal system and concluded by mailing letters that they had written and addressed the envelopes for the letters to be sent to their parents. What a great way to learn about our community. We appreciate all those who helped to make this possible. It was wonderful!

Ginnie Snyder