"Radical Readers"

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Mapleton Elementary students have been brushing up on their reading strategies. We are pleased to award our "Radical Readers" for their good example to others and a reminder to all of us to keep reading!  The more you read the more you love it and the better you will be at reading! We would like all students to become a "Radical Reader". Congratulations to the following students pictured here from left to right:

Row # 1 seated Abbie Alleman, Jonah Rees, Shelby Nobuhara and Riley Dunston

Row # 2 : Elanor Standifird, Kylie Nuttall, Amanda Larsen, Kai Bray, Spencer Taylor, Leo Arthur and Tommy Davis.

Row # 3: Mason Jones, Glen Archibald, Shelbie Johnson, Evan Taylor, Ashlyn Hughes and Tanya Austin.

Row # 4: Standing: Jacob Greer, Morgan Cottam, Jeremy Wood, Parker Farnworth, Logan Hatch, Sam Wiscombe and Kobe Roylance.