"One Hundred Miler Club"

Submitted by stacey.holmes on Wed, 05/22/2013 - 13:21
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Students at Mapleton Elementary have been striving  to meet the requirements for the "One Hundred Miler Club" They had to run or walk 100 miles here at school.  We congratulate those who made it ! Pictured here from left to right are those students who were able to be in the picture. We also Congratulate those who are not pictured here.

Row# 1: Seated: Jeanette Griffin, Crew Hamilton,Hunter Eddy, Rachel Groberg

Row #2; Axeton Anderson, Isaac Jacobson, Shyanne Christensen, Madi Orton, Andisyn Ball, Lauren,Hannah Johnson.

Row #3: Hunter Watson, Dakota Bishop, Samantha Milburn, Emma Compus, Sarah Harris, Malachi Hatfield, Kyler Greenwood.

Row #4: Standing: Hally Loper, Jack Nemelka, Seth Krommenhoek, Kevin Kolomalu, Chantel Street, Ellie Savage, Kole Hampton.

Great job students!  Keep up the good work!

Ginnie Snyder