"Crystal Apple Award"

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 Mapleton Elementary is pleased to announce our "Crystal Apple Award" this year goes
to Lynette Eddington. Lynette has been a committed educator here for the past 27
years.  Her dedication to the profession and to the children of Mapleton School is
commendable.  She has a keen love of learning and teaching that has rubbed off on
both her students and fellow teachers.

Lynette's musical and creative talents have given strength to her third grade teams over
the years.  She has written or rewritten many programs for third grade and has
generously given of her talents,  put in countless hours playing the piano and
leading music.  She has made many third grade teams"look good" in front of parents
on program nights!  Our school has been fortunate for her sharing so unselfishly her

Mrs. Eddington is also very willing to listen and help other teachers.  She has taught
every type of learner out there and is an expert at problem solving with children.  She
literally gives her heart and soul to her classroom students and their parents.
As a faculty, we are pleased to see our fellow teacher and friend, Lynette Eddington,
receive this "Crystal Apple Award!" Congratulations Lynette!

 Mrs. Eddington is pictured here receiving her award
with Craig Harvey of Horace Mann.

Ginnie Snyder