"100 Miler Club"

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Mapleton Elementary School has challenged students to use their recess time for fitness. Students have had a goal to walk/run 100 miles here at school. A track has been set up to measure the distance students achieve. These students have been posted on the 100 Miler wall and recognized for their accomplishment during announcements. We would like to celebrate their success by showing you who they are in this photo.  Note their are two students who have achieved 200 miles already!

 Great job everyone. Keep up the good work!

From left to right:
Row 1 seated: Greg Hofeins, Hunter Bezzant, Jacob Brayby, Sam Compas, Samuel Trapnell (200 miles) , Tanner Jacobson and Kaylee Roach
Row 2: Connor Trapnell, Charlee Larsen, Austin Coleman, Shelby Coleman, Natalie Seiler, Malia Davis, Rebecca Whyte and Isaiah Rees.
Row 3: Lillie Eldredge, Cody Erickson, Kevin Kolomalu, Jacob Allgaier, Austin Wall, Jacob Nelson, Peyton Breinholt and Ethan Halversen.
Row 4: Standing Colton Bullerfield, Alex Seiler, Carson Standifird, Peter Eldredge, Jacob Scutt, Noah Rees, Jacob Green  and Ravyn Curley.

Ginnie Snyder