Faculty & Staff Spotlight ~ Julie Knight ~

Submitted by julie.knight on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 10:09
Julie knight

What is your favorite quote: 

"People are more important than Things"

Favorite Vacation or Place to Go:

Jackson Hole, Tetons, Yellowstone. Love traveling to the National Parks and seeing all the amazing landscape that other states have.

Hobbies/ Talents/ Things you do outside of work

Yard work, mowing lawns, flowers, and getting my hands dirty. Hiking & running in the early mornings. I LOVE camping, hunting & fishing with my hubby and kids. I have a secret love for photography, especially landscapes. I am totally amazed that you can stop time, and go back to that moment anytime you like. 

What is something no one may know that you would like to share? 

I am not a Disneyland lover.  (LOL!) , and I secretly love Opera, especially Andrea' Bocelli

What you Love about your Job?

To hear all the funny things kids say, and to learn from some amazing adults that are older and wiser than me. I love the conversations, and lives I'm able to be apart of, both with parents, students and staff. Its a great place to be a secretary!!