Crystal Apple Award

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Kelsey Foster was awarded Horace Mann's Crystal Apple for 2014.  Craig Harvey presented the award  and Sheri Jensen wrote  the following in a tribute to Kelsey.

‘Twas a Night in Mid-August

 ‘Twas a night in Mid-August and all through the school, Not a child could be seen not even their drool.

 ‘Twas time to hang pictures and posters and charts, There was math to be planned and language arts.

Ginnie Snyder & Sheri Jensen

Debate Tournament

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Students from Mapleton Elementary were involed in a state debate tournament.  We would like to congratulate all students for their hard work preparing for the debate tournament.

Kristi Mendenhall and Jax Arthur- 5th place affirmative

Kristi Mendenhall, JaxArthur, Andrew Nugent, Aubree Robinson, Emma Swenson, Hope Anderson, Ethan Wilkinson, Colby Norman, Ashley Nobuhara- Speaker Awards.


Carol Day