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Teacher Appreciation Week

Submitted by julie.peery on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 09:59

We are excited to show our appreciation to Mapleton's amazing teachers this week! Here are some ways each child/family can participate:

May 5 TUESDAY TUNES:  Share a fun song with your teacher!  This could be a quick recording of a student playing an instrument, singing a song, or sharing a fun music video from professionals. Start with the message “TUESDAY TUNES--You make my heart sing!” Share your music through SeeSaw, Google Classrooms, Flipgrid, or email--whatever method your teacher has used to connect with you. 

May 6 WRITE A NOTE WEDNESDAY:What is your teacher great at?  Send a message/video to your teacher (and full class if you want) with the message “Ms/Mr______ is great because….. “ It could be one thing or a list.  Send it by any method you prefer.  

May 7 HAPPY THOUGHT THURSDAY: What was something fun your teacher did this past year?  Share a happy memory of something you did in class. (Use the tag/subject “HAPPY THOUGHT THURSDAY!”  

May 8 FUNNY FRIDAY: Share a funny video or picture with your teacher and class!  What is your best funny face?  Find something hilarious on YouTube and share it. Laughter is the best medicine during this crazy time! 

Then on "Pick-up" day on May 15th, put a sign on your car/window, decorate your car, cheer and clap from inside your car, do something to make your teacher smile! 

We are SO grateful for our teachers and all they do at any time...but especially this year!