Red/White Ribbon Week

 January 14-18th will be Red and White Ribbon Week. We want to make sure all the kids have a fun time and pledge to be Drug Free and Media Smart. Here is the list for each day. 

Monday: We're too bright to harm our mind and body- Wear Neon

Tuesday: From head to toe I am drug free and media smart-Crazy Hair and sock day

Wednesday: I am a "Jean-ius" I make good choices. Wear jeans.

Thursday: Team up to keep our minds and bodies healthy- Team Apparel

Friday: My choices are key to making my dreams come true- Wear Pajamas. 

Parents please visit:  & to find out more information and make a pledge along with your children to be drug free. Also, a list of discussion points to have with your child at home will be distributed on Monday. Those who sign and return by Friday will get a prize.