Kindergarten Pre-Registration

Kindergarten Pre-Registration for Mapleton Elementary will take place starting Monday, March 12th - Thursday, March 22nd. There are two parts to pre-registration for Kindergarteners. The first part is online and should be done before March 22nd using the following link:

Please note that for Kindergarten students, you will want to click "New Student Registration" unless your child has attended a Nebo District pre-school or had Nebo pre-school speech services.  Here you will be able to provide necessary contact information. This will create an Aspire account for your student. 

Then for the second part, on Thursday, March 22nd from 8:00 - 4:00, you will need to bring your child (if possible) as well as the following documents to the school: 

*Birth Certificate


*2 Proofs of residency - (i.e; Mortgage statement, rental agreement, city bill, power bill, cell phone bill, etc.)

Finally, this is only pre-registration and pertains to incoming Kindergarten students only. You will still need to do the Fall Registration that takes place starting July 25th. More information will be available as that date approaches. 

Please let friends and neighbors know...especially those with their upcoming Kindergarten student as their oldest child. We look forward to meeting our new students!