School News

"Doing their Best" Pizza Party

We congratulate all students who continue to "Do their Best" here at Mapleton Elementary School. Teachers and staff members have been using their "Doing My Best" stamps each day to recognize students best effort in school work and behavior in our community. Students names are put in a drawing to be invited to  have pizza with Ms. Gledhill our principal. This month there were 40 + students who were the lucky winners and attended the celebration. Keep up the good work everyone!  Pictured here with Celeste Gledhill are some of those who attended.

"Doing My Best"

Ginnie Snyder

As part of Mapleton School's "Doing My Best" theme this year, students are being recognized for both academic and social success here at school. 

This week students were recognized for serving others by reaching out and making new friends. 

Teachers and staff are on the look out to catch students 'Doing Their best" for our school community.

We appreciate the effort put forth by the following students who have been selected . 

Pictured here from left to right:

Row # 1 seated: Sydney Davis, Teancum Whiting, Oaklie Peterson and Brandon Buddle.

Service Project

Ginnie Snyder


Second Grade students at Mapleton Elementary are working to complete a special service project for Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Each year students, Moms, Grandmas and Aunts come together to help make hats for the oncology department.  So far they have made 35 hats and have cut material  for 60 more.

Artist in Residence

Carol Day

Mapleton Elementary third grade students learned to use water color paints with Terrece Beesley, a water color artist who is on the Arts in Education panel for the Utah Division of Arts and Museums.  She was in residence from Oct 3 to 17 Monday Wednesdays and Fridays. Parents  came learn a water color technique from their child on Tuesday October 17.  
     Students  learned about the element of color and the properties of 

A very Busy Week

Ginnie Snyder and Grade Level Teams

 It was a very busy week at Mapleton Elementary School! Parents, teachers and students were delighted to be able to Celebrate Halloween in full costume.  Students enjoyed learning activities centered around the holiday along with a school wide parade! Students paraded through the school to the "Monster Mash" and a medely of other Halloween songs. Parents lined the Hallways and enjoyed the fun. The biggest surprise of all was our Principal, Celeste Gledhill, Facilitator,Darlene Christensen and office staff, Anita Stewart and Teresa Simkins,all dressed as Hippies.

Magic Show

Students and faculty at Mapleton Elementary  were treated to a very special Magic Show sponsored by Ken Garff, "It Pays to Read" program.

"Radical Readers"

Mapleton Elementary students have been brushing up on their reading strategies. We are pleased to award our "Radical Readers" for their good example to others and a reminder to all of us to keep reading!  The more you read the more you love it and the better you will be at reading! We would like all students to become a "Radical Reader". Congratulations to the following students pictured here from left to right:

Row # 1 seated Abbie Alleman, Jonah Rees, Shelby Nobuhara and Riley Dunston

A Gift of Pumpkins

On a beautiful fall day , Jake Harward of Harward Farms arrived at Mapleton Elementary with a gift for every student in the School.  Each student was presented with their very own pumpkin.  Students lined up with smiles on their faces and a big thanks to Mr. Harward for being so generous. It didn't matter what size they received, they were cheerful and willing to carry their pumpkin all the way to class. Teachers and studentscame up with great ideas for using pumpkins in class and sending them home. They were carved, sorted, cut open and seeds counted, decorated and carried home.  Mr.

Faculty United

The faculty at Mapleton Elementary School is a united group. Everyone got together to show off their true colors on game day.

Their appears to be one group of faculty members who are greatly out numbered!  What do you think?

Congratulations! Mr. Brinkerhoff

Brad Brinkerhoff was recently awarded the "Golden Apple Award" .   Brad is a great example of service to his family and community.  He has influenced hundreds of students over the past 32 years here at Mapleton Elementary. His students remember him for his patience and calm attitude and of course his famous Charlie Brown sketches on the chalkboard.