School News

"100 Miler Club"

Ginnie Snyder

Mapleton Elementary School has challenged students to use their recess time for fitness. Students have had a goal to walk/run 100 miles here at school. A track has been set up to measure the distance students achieve. These students have been posted on the 100 Miler wall and recognized for their accomplishment during announcements. We would like to celebrate their success by showing you who they are in this photo.  Note their are two students who have achieved 200 miles already!

 Great job everyone. Keep up the good work!

US Synthetic Volunteers

Ginnie Snyder

On Thursday US Synthetic sent volunteers to many schools. It was their way of giving
service to schools involved with the Ken Garff  "It Pays to Read" program. Volunteers
went into classrooms to work with students. Mapleton Elementary was one of the
lucky recipients. Arnie Cooper of US Synthetic is pictured here with his daughter Kate
both on the left side of the back row, and Mrs. Sheri Sandberg's Third grade class. He
spent an hour in their class helping the teacher with groups as well as helping

Nebo Elementary Debate

Carol Day

Thirty two students from Mapleton Elementary participated in the Nebo Elementary Debate on March 21 2012. The resolution debated this year was Resolved that the state of Utah provide incentives for the increased production and consumption of local foods to improve air quality and reduce energy use.

"Wonderful Writers"

Ginnie Snyder

March is a great month to recognize Mapleton Elementary School students who have worked hard to become better writers.  This week we are celebrating our "Wonderful Writers" selected by their teachers for giving their best effort in writing. We know that there are many others who are working toward this goal and want to encourage everyone to keep writing.

The following students received this honor:  Pictured here from left to right

Row #1 seated: Drake Tua Fedler, Lily Livingston, Spencer Larsen, Damon Galovich and  Isaac Jacobson.

Mapleton Elementary Teacher of the Year

Stacey Holmes

We want to congratulate Mrs. Ginnie Snyder for being nominated as Mapleton Elementary Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Snyder has been at Mapleton Elementary for nineteen of her twenty-one years of teaching.  For the past eighteen years she has enjoyed teaching first grade.   She has also taught second grade. 

"Dr. Suess Day"

Ginnie Snyder

First and Second Grade students at Mapleton Elementary celebrated "Dr. Seuss Day"
with reading, singing and parading around the school. Students showed up dressed as
characters from Dr. Seuss stories and brought their books to read.
Mrs. Snyder's class has 3 sets of twins and Mrs. Snyder  also has a twin brother.
It was fun and  really made everyone smile when two sets of twins showed up dressed as
"Thing one and Thing two" Pictured here from left to right are twins,

"Awesome Artists"

Ginnie Snyder

This week we are honoring our "Awesome Artists" here a Mapleton Elementary School.
We are proud of these "budding Artists. It is great to watch students find and use their
own special talents. We appreciate their projects here at school and the talent which
they share so freely. Congratulations to the following students pictured here:

"Crystal Apple Award"

Ginnie Snyder

 Mapleton Elementary is pleased to announce our "Crystal Apple Award" this year goes
to Lynette Eddington. Lynette has been a committed educator here for the past 27
years.  Her dedication to the profession and to the children of Mapleton School is
commendable.  She has a keen love of learning and teaching that has rubbed off on
both her students and fellow teachers.

"Radical Readers"

Ginnie Snyder

Here at Mapleton Elementary we strive to help our students become great readers. We
are especially happy when we find them becoming "Radical Readers"! Congratulations
to all  these students for their continual quest for excellence. We appreciate them
for being good examples to their peers.

Floating Boats

Ginnie Snyder

First Grade students at Mapleton Elementary School have been waiting patiently for
puddles!  They worked very hard to complete their homework assignment which was to
follow the directions and make a paper boat. Students did a great job and were excited
to float their boats. Much to their disappointment their were no puddles for two weeks.
Then finally on Monday after the snow storm they arrived, small but great puddles.