Faculty Fun Facts

Student Council

A few fun facts about our technician Kris Cox.

1.  She used to be a phlebotomist.

2. She loves Schnauzer dogs.

3.  She loves to go fishing.

Red and White Ribbon Week


We had a great Red and White Ribbon week and hopefully the message of being Drug Free and Media Smart had an impact that will outlast the activities and spirit days from last week. We had a presentation from NetSmartz and I encourage you to visit www.netsmartz.org to learn more about how to keep children safe while using online resources or technology. 

6th-12th Online Coding Classes

Students ages 12–18 learn how to build web pages and write software. Students START at level 1 – JavaScript Game Design and increase in knowledge and experience with each course. Students learn at their own pace and have the option for one-on-one help. When a student completes the pathway program they will be prepared for AP and Concurrent Enrollment Computer Science courses and a great career.

Students 9th grade and above can advance by testing out of classes

6th Grade Learns about Modern and Ancient Egypt

Rachel Hansen

Sarah Harward came to talk to our class about modern Egypt, because we have been learning about Ancient Egypt.  It was interesting to learn that Egypt seems to have regressed.  Many students are looking into the causes of that on their own.  This is a picture of students trying on the clothes many Muslims wear every day.  

5th Grade Science - Reaction Time by Discovery Gateway

Gavin Groneman

Our 5th grade classes had a Reaction Time presentation by Discovery Gateway.  They were able to learn about physical and chemical changes as part of their science unit.


These pics are from Reaction Time presented by Discovery Gateway. They cover Physical and Chemical changes. This is part of our Science.

4th Grade Visited by Mountain Man Scott Sorensen

Mrs. Wilson

Mountain Man, Scott Sorensen, visits with our 4th grade classes each year dressed in home sewn buckskins. He presents Mountain Men and the History of the Fur Trade.  He tells of legendary men such as Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, and Jedidiah Smith.  He includes trapping, tanning, muzzleloading, and the art of telling tall tales.