School News

~ Happy Holidays!! ~


We hope you all have a safe and fantastic Holiday break. We will see you all Next Year!! 

School will be out at 12:00 on Friday. It will resume on Jan. 2, 2019

Miss Fosters Class does construction


Miss Foster’s class built dog houses with the help of BYU construction management students. Colton Williams taught the class about the structure of building houses.We learned how to build houses out of popsicle sticks. We also learned the names for things for the house like jousts, headers and sub floors. 
Today our class made dog houses out of wood in pieces that were already made. We drilled the pieces together and attached shingles to the roof. There were some harder parts to drill or staple, but it was really fun. 

~ Mrs. Emery ~


Mrs. Emery is a kind and enthusiastic teacher here at Mapleton Elementary. Her favorite kids book is Harry Potter and her favorite vacation is Lake Powell. Her dream vacation is New Zealand. Even though she's never been there.  

BYU Athletes are Cougar Strong


Today we had an assembly featuring the BYU Cougar Strong program. Several athletes, Cosmo and the Dunk Team taught about being strong mentally, socially and physically. Students were able to interact and get involve and our guests showcased some of their amazing jumping, flipping and dunking skills. It was definitely an exciting assembly!

NOVA graduation


5th grade students were able to spend time with Officer Miller for the past couple of months participating in the NOVA program. This is a Utah based program focusing on helping students make choices based on core values, avoid harmful substances, be accountable for their decisions, and be wise with social media. They recently held their graduation and several students shared their essays explaining what they had learned. We appreciate Mapleton City Police Department for all they do to support our school!  

Crystal Apple Award


Mr. Courtney Curtis was recently nominated by his peers to receive the Crystal Apple Award. This award goes to teachers who go above and beyond and truly make a difference at the school for both students and co-workers! Congratulations Mr. Curtis! Thanks to Horace Mann for providing the award. 


Choir performs


Several of our 4th - 6th graders have been coming early to school for the past several months in order to participate in our school choir. They performed several fall and classical pieces recently at their evening concert as well as involved multiple percussion and bell instruments. They did a wonderful job! We appreciate Karen Thueson and Jeanette Nielsen who directed and accompianied the choir. 

3rd Grade Bean Museum


3rd Grade was able to take a field trip to The Bean Museum on Brigham Young University Campus.  They seen life-like exhibits and an extensive collection of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, plants, shells, and eggs.  It was a great time!!!