Ginger Bread Men



First Grade students at Mapleton Elementary School had a very exciting week.  On Monday they decorated their gingerbread men only to have them run away while they were out of their classrooms!  They made posters to help find them which they hung all over the walls. Then they received a letter each day from Santa giving them updates on their whereabouts. On Wednesday they were led on a hunt around the school and in the end were tricked by those rascals with mini gingerbread cookies!  On Thursday they decided to write apology letters on a gingerbread house card and leave them on their desks, in hopes of their return. They read the book " Ginger Bread Baby" and made gingerbread puppets.  Well we are happy to report that on Friday morning the cookies made their way home with the assistance of life size Elf Ginger and his scottie dog Cosmo who helped round them up!  Pictured here are some of the students with the gingerbread man:

from left to right: Violet Bishop, Brighton Fonohema, Taylar Parry, Lauren Hughes, Nanirose Malzl and of course our very own Gingerbread man!