Crystal Apple Award


Each year a teacher is selected by the faculty for the Crystal Apple Award and this year it went to Rachel Hansen, one of our sixth grade teachers. The award was presented by Craig Harvey on Monday, April 17th. Rachel is well respected by her peers, students, and parents as well. Some of the comments made by her fellow teachers are as follows: "Rachel is such a fun, energetic person to work with. She is very approachable and never acts like she doesn’t have time to answer a question or help out in any way.  She goes above and beyond to help others, even if it isn’t the most convenient for her.  Rachel is the type of person you want to work with because of her valuable feedback, hard work, and kindness.  Most of all Rachel is a friend and a trusted working partner.

She is always so excited to be around her students and be at school. Her happy face is inviting and welcoming to all who meet her each day. Rachel spends her own extra time making sure students deeply understand what they’re learning. She can often be found tutoring students after school or during her planning time. She seeks professional growth by attending courses designed to help further teachers’ understanding, and she is currently earning her Masters of Education. She is great at what she does and brings so much expertise to the school. She is positive, welcomes change, and seeks to build others. It is an absolute privilege to work with Rachel every day!"