Clothing Drive



The Student Council at Mapleton Elementary recently held a clothing drive to benefit those in need.  The council had set a goal of collecting 600 pieces of clothing for their two week long project. They not only met that goal, they tripled it! 

The drive was a huge success as close to two thousand items were donated by the Mapleton community.  The student council did a great job hauling all of the items up to the stage area each morning, and they reminded the rest of the school to keep giving each day on the morning announcements. 

In connections with the clothing drive the student council officers put on a short play for the school showing how students can be superheroes by serving others.  It was a great activity and the council wants to say "thanks" to all who participated! 

Pictured here are our student council members by the Christmas tree to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"  Left to right Kathryn Maltby, Jaycie Peterson, Krianne Lamont, Daniel Wyte, Ethan Compas and Steve Bennett