October 2015

Halloween Parade

We had a fun morning at the school!   Spooky and fun halloween music was playing, children and faculty were all dressed up, and parents were anxiously waiting to see the halloween parade.

Music Makers Assembly


Thanks to Arts, Inc., our school was treated to a wonderful assembly with a group called Music Makers. They sang for and with the students and even created a small ensemble to sing solo parts. They taught music concepts and celebrated the joy that comes from music. When they left, they said our students participated the most and were one of the most respectful audiences they have worked with in the state. Way to go Mapleton students!

Halloween Spooky Tales


The Students enjoy hearing a halloween story from our Librarian, Mrs. Thurgood during the week of Halloween.  She dresses up each day of the week so that all classes are able to enjoy the holiday festivities.  A big thank you to Mrs. Thurgood for all the time she puts into preparing each and every week to share a love of literature with the students here at Mapleton Elementary.

Halloween Parade Coming Up


Just a reminder that we will have our Halloween Parade, this Friday, Oct. 30th at 9:30 a.m. The students will move through classrooms inside before heading into the auditorium and then outside. We encourage parents who are attending to line up around the edges of the auditorium or preferably outside on the grass along the blacktop on the west side of the school. We can't wait to see all the fun costumes!

Student of the Week / Respect


We will be spotlighting a Student of the Week from each classroom. These students receive a certificate and prize from Mrs. Peery with the chance to be drawn out at the end of each month for a special activity with the Principal. The focus for the month of October is "Respect".  The students are selected by their teachers as they see their students show respect here at school.  Here are the Students of the Week for October 14.

Student Council Member 2015-2016


Our Student Council Members for 2015-2016.

Left to Right

Front Row:  Audrey Weller, Maelee Crowshaw, Sydney Davis, and Jackson Heaps.

Middle Row:  Chloe Cope, Ella Jackson, Jane Standifird, Taylar Parry, Kara Jensen.

Back Row:  Joslynn Wheeler, Luke Roylance, Rachel Groberg, Mike Bennett (not in picture), Matthew Warren, Isaac Northcutt, and Sean Persson.