August 2015

Newly Updated Bike Racks

Julie Peery


 A big thanks goes to Hatch Jacobsen who fixed up our bikes racks by welding and painting them before school started. He did this along with other Boy Scouts for his Eagle Project. We appreciate how sturdy they are and how nice they look now.


New School Song

We are so excited to have a new school song!  Last spring at our school we had a contest where all the students that were interested, were asked to write a song and music for Mapleton Elementary.  We had many students that submitted words and music for a school song.  A committee was selected to review all of the submissions that came in and then selected a new song for our school.

First day back for 1st - 6th graders...and a few pirates too!


What a fantastic first day! The faculty and staff were ready and prepared to begin a new year and welcome each and every student to school today. The students were happy to see old friends, make new friends, and get back into the swing of things at Mapleton Elementary. The opening assembly began outside aboard a pirate ship with an introduction of new staff members and the theme for the year: Unity Courage and Dreams. The assembly then continued inside with students learning the new school song. Thanks to everyone for making it a great day!